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April 26, 2016

Welcome to the brand spanking new Beautiful Things Design Studio blog! This first post is for anyone who is dealing with change in their life, or anyone who likes cute pictures of cats.'s for everyone :)

My fiance and I are moving to a new apartment next week, and today I had to look up how you’re supposed to handle your cat during all the commotion and emotional trauma that a move can bring. Luckily our rescue cat Atticus (I call him Catticus) is as chill as a cat is every likely to be, but I’ll feel so bad if he ever gets as scared as he did when we brought him home from the shelter.

His first night with us, we put him to bed in the smallest room in the apartment (the bathroom), thinking he’d feel the most secure in there. He had been born in the shelter and spent his whole life there, so anything bigger than a cage was a terrifying void of space. But even the bathroom was too big for him. When I went in there the next morning he was hiding in the narrow column behind the toilet, the only place he couldn’t be seen, shaking like a little leaf. Never again!!

Anyway, the process of moving a cat, as explained by internet-savvy cat experts and WebMD (yes seriously), is quite complicated, involving weeks of preparation, coaxing, and even rubbing the cat’s smell all over the new apartment to make him feel comfortable. There’s a step-by-step process of introducing him to the new place to ensure nothing is too scary for his little cat heart to take. Along the way he gets reinforced with treats and love, and at the end of it he is once again king of the castle.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – damn, I wish I were a cat.

All of those articles about moving a cat talk about how much cats hate change, but don’t we all? Change is hard. It can be messy, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.

And if you’re like me, a twenty/thirty-something borderline-millennial with huge dreams and the inability to sit still, change is probably a constant in your life – and it’s probably happening on all sides of you, in ever-increasing amounts.

2016 has been a huge year of changes for me so far, and it’s getting crazier every day. Here are a few things going on:

– I quit my job at the end of 2015 to start freelance designing full time and founded Beautiful Things Design Studio, the result of a ton of hard work and my biggest dreams!

– I’m moving away from New York City for the first time since moving here for undergrad at NYU in 2007, all the way out to the technical suburbs (even though I’ll still be only a 45 minute train to Manhattan).

– I’m starting a blog that I’ll actually publish for people to READ (yikes!)

– And to top it off, I'm getting married in July and I’ll be someone’s WIFE. What??!!

That is A LOT of change for one year, and I know it’s just going to keep on coming.

If I were Atticus, somebody would be offering me treats and telling me how much they love me the whole way through it, but that’s not how it works for us lowly humans. Instead I’m managing it the best way I know how – lots of yoga classes, cups of coffee, and Google Docs galore.

If you’re like me and feeling a little overwhelmed with all the cool/new/scary/exciting stuff going on in your life, I hope that you can find a little comfort and community through this blog.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys about what’s really going on behind the scenes, both for myself and for other creative entrepreneurs out there. I’ll be giving you an inside look at my workflow, processes, favorite tools, tips and tricks on both designing and running your own business, what I’m working on right now, and just general updates on life, the universe, and everything!

In addition, I’ll be sending out monthly free printables to everyone on my mailing list, starting next week with my Spring Cleaning Checklist. I know they aren’t cat treats, but I hope they’ll help anyway! Click here to sign up.

Danielle Russell

Danielle is the writer and designer behind Beautiful Things Design Studio. She lives with her fiance Brad and her cat Atticus in Montclair, New Jersey.

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